Mini coaches 1st aid and concussion workshop


You’ll all be glad to know that on Thursday 14th September the Mini Rugby coaches had the pleasure of attending a workshop for 1st aid and concussion awareness hosted by paramedic Chris Clarke.

The workshop was attended by all age category coaches including some youth coaches and there was nearly 35 people in total.

Chris always keeps these nights as lighthearted as possible considering some of the issues that are covered but, as everyone agreed, it is vital that our coaches are as much informed as possible when it comes to player welfare.

Basic 1st aid was taught and practiced for things such as broken limbs, head trauma, allergies, breathing difficulties but most importantly concussion identification and treatment.

As a rugby club, we take concussion very seriously and whilst we can control what happens on and around the pitch we cannot account for what occurs in the school playground, home or other sporting activities. Therefore we are asking all parents and children to please share information with us if and when an incident occurs. This can range from as little as a headache, drowsiness to unconsciousness.

If a child suffers from a concussion either on the rugby field or an outside source they cannot return to playing rugby until 23 days after the incident AND they must provide a letter/note from a medical practitioner to clear them to play.

Some basic advice for parents if they suspect there is a concussion is:-

  • They must be removed from the activity immediately and NOT return.
  • Do not leave the child alone.
  • Do not give the child aspirin or Calpol as this can mask the effects.
  • The player should be medically assessed as soon as possible.

You will find more information by clicking on the ‘Concussion in Rugby Union’ link at the top of our webpage.