Play women’s rugby at Ballyclare RFC – not just a guy’s thing

The Women’s/Girls’ Section are the newest addition to the ever growing Ballyclare Rugby Club.

In recent years Women’s Rugby has become one of the fastest growing sports. It’s not just for boys and men anymore.

At first glance a lot of people are put off by the aggression and physical contact associated with the game but take a closer look and you will be surprised at what rugby has to offer young girls and women alike.

As a team sport it offers friendship, leadership skills, teaches respect, gives a sense of belonging, helps promote self-esteem and fitness. Oh and of course it is FUN!!

Many of you may have heard a lot of media attention this year on Women’s Rugby as the Women’s World Cup took place in France with the final happening on the 17th August 2014. This brought the sport out of the shadows and firmly put it into the light for all to see.

The women who played in these teams not only achieved personal dreams of playing the sport on an international level but also had the chance to represent their countries and represent women all over the world. I would like to point out at that a lot of these women have full time jobs as teachers, nurses, physiotherapists etc. and still have time to train and play rugby at a high professional standard.

Impressive or what?? Are these not the kind of role models we want for our children and young girls??

Currently we have a Youth Team of U18s and a Senior side for those of us who are (ahem!) Over 18.

As the newest section, numbers are still small but every week we are seeing growth.

Training takes place every Friday night at Ballyclare Rugby Club from 7pm.

We welcome anyone and everyone with open arms no matter what age, fitness level, player ability or competitive mentality.

We train hard every week (which is why we are all so fabulously slim) and our fantastic coaches Geoff and Courtney are not too shy to put us through our paces. However, for every bit of hard work we put in there is a least the same amount of giggling, joking around and general ‘craic’ from all the girls involved.

So in conclusion, PLAY WOMEN’S RUGBY – it’s amazing!!

As the old saying goes: ‘Rugby – created by men, perfected by women’.

Any further questions please don’t hesitate to call/text/email Rachael on 07753440433 or via