Coaching and Games

Please Remember

The players are children

  • The coaches are volunteers
  • The referees are human
  • This is not the European cup final
  • Show respect to players and coaches
  • First priority is having fun

Enjoy your day!

A full list of IRFU Rules and Regulations including the Code of Conduct for Coaches, Players, Parents, Spectators and Referees is available here: 2016-17_IRFU_Mini_and_Leprechaun_Regulations.pdf

Wearing of glasses/ Sports goggles:

As the Irish Rugby Football Union has now been accepted onto the World Rugby Raleri Goggle Trial allowing those requiring the use of goggles to now apply to World Rugby to participate in the trial and purchase a pair of Raleri goggles, if accepted onto the trial. The IRFU reminds all players, coaches, referees and parents that the trial is limited to the Raleri goggle only, and in accordance with the terms of the World Rugby trial, no other eye-wear will be permitted, for health and safety reasons, in contact forms of the game. Further information and application form for Goggles Trial here:

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